Absolute 60 Fly




“Absolute 60 FLY” is not only a luxury boat of 60 feet like others but, more than the others, she wishes to please those who love tan in the sun, thanks to the three dedicated sunbathing areas, one in the bow and two on the fly.
Also, this yacht is equipped for lively moments, cocktails and informal snacks or really banquets. There is an ample table on the fly and the BBQ. There is, of course, the living room in the main deck, just in front of the full featuring kitchen. Finally, the cockpit table, discreetly secluded by its privacy tent.


“Absolute 60 FLY” yacht has three staterooms, besides crew area, all provided with toilets and separated showers. Side sofa in ship owner’s cabin and vanity console, two cabins with king-size beds and a cabin with twin single rectangular beds, crew cabin with two bunks, directly accessible from stern platform. This arrangement does not sacrifice any inner space and all these locations have maximum height, maximum linearity, maximum size of beds and showers (totally separated) and maximum size of windows, thanks to the implementation of the ISS system.

Dati tecnici
Lunghezza:18.4 m
Larghezza:5.05 m
Motori: 2 x IPS 950 D11 (725 Hp) VOLVO
Velocità (nodi):27 - 33 mph
Serbatoio carburante:2400 l
Serbatoio acqua:600 l
N° Cabine:3
Equipaggio: 1 ()

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