Capoforte FX 200

Luxury and Elegant


A small jewel, carrying all the character and stylistic authority of the brand; a boat with great livability and high-end accessories, intended for owners who want strong identity, safety and performance, without excluding comfort and luxury. Also for FX 200, the aesthetic and formal research has been accurate, using exclusive materials, paying maximum attention to the overall quality and details, finally giving it even more value in terms of equipment and livability on board. The hull is sharp and devoted to speed, and shows incredible seakeeping skills in total safety. FX 200 is the step forward to become part of the Capoforte world: despite its compact size, it contains everything an owner who loves taste and contemporary design can desire and show with subtle pleasure.


Exterior Gallery
Technical data
Length 6.1 m
Width 2.4 m
Engine 1 x 40/150 Hp Yamaha



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