INVICTUS has always sought the perfect synthesis between beauty and usability of the product:
the intense emotion of enjoying a comfortable space, completely immersed in the natural scenery,generates the Invictus spirit.
This spirit is based on the dialogue of raw materials:wood, leather and steel, balanced for an aesthetically unique design.
Materials, shapes and colors harmonize in essential and slender profiles,characterized by the smooth convexity of the surfaces.
INVICTUS professionals, with competence and passion, transform every idea into unique creations:from design to production, from attention to detail to the choice of materials, without compromise.
The entire production process is carried out internally:INVICTUS takes care of your boat from fiberglass molding to assembly, until the final tests.
The production system uses advanced technological processes,but the quality and excellence of the final product is entrusted to the skill of the INVICTUS team.